Professional Partners

Aqua helps acting professionals towards a more secure financial future

As part of Aqua’s on-going commitment to sponsoring theatre and the arts, we help support emerging young actors and theatre professionals by offering pro bono help, advice and guidance at the internationally renowned Royal Court theatre in London.

Our team undertake this voluntary work, helping young and emerging actors make the most of their incomes as well as advising those who have had successful careers in the performing arts. Sadly some young actors who don’t have this kind of support get into huge financial difficulties that completely overwhelm them.

It is good to work with a theatre that understands the day to day concerns of life and we have committed to offering this support because we passionately believe in the link between looking after the next generation whether it be financially or through the performing arts as with the Royal Court.

We believe that everyone deserves the peace of mind of knowing that they have the best chance of meeting their goals whatever life throws at them and whatever their career.